Yanping Lin and Qiubai Sun
Executive Editors
ISSN 1705-5105
Issues: 4/year
International Journal of Numerical Analysis & Modeling is directed to the broad spectrum of researchers in numerical methods throughout science and engineering, and publishes high quality original papers in all fields of numerical analysis and mathematical modeling including: numerical differential equations, scientific computing, linear algebra, control, optimization, and related areas of engineering and scientific applications. The journal welcomes the contribution of original developments of numerical methods, analysis leading to better understanding of the existing algorithms, and applications of numerical techniques to real engineering and scientific problems. Rigorous studies of the convergence of algorithms, their accuracy and stability, and their computational complexity are appropriate for this journal. Papers addressing new numerical algorithms and techniques, demonstrating the potential of some novel ideas, describing experiments involving new models and simulations for practical problems are also suitable topics for the journal. The journal welcomes survey articles which summarize state of art knowledge and present open problems of particular numerical techniques and mathematical models.

IJNAM's 2014 SCI impact factor is 0.817. It is ranked 86/310 in mathematics and 133/255 in applied mathematics.

IJNAM's 2013 SCI impact factor is 0.673. It is ranked 104/299 in mathematics and 148/250 in applied mathematics.

IJNAM's 2011 SCI impact factor is 0.624. It is ranked 121/288 in mathematics and 205/245 in applied mathematics.

IJNAM's 2010 SCI impact factor is 0.670. It is ranked 108/279 in mathematics and 139/236 in applied mathematics.

IJNAM's 2008 SCI impact factor is 1.212. It is ranked 21/215 in mathematics and 32/175 in applied mathematics.

IJNAM's 2007 SCI impact factor is 0.816. It is ranked 43/207 in mathematics and 62/165 in applied mathematics.

Starting from 2005, the information on the contents of this publication is indexed and abstracted in:

  • Science Citation Index Expanded
  • The Web of Science
  • Current Contents/Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences



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