Volume 25, Issue 1
Accelerating N-Body Simulation of Self-Gravitating Systems with Limited First-Order Post-Newtonian Approximation

Takayuki Tatekawa


Commun. Comput. Phys., 25 (2019), pp. 68-83.

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  • Abstract

In this study, an N-body simulation code was developed for self-gravitating systems with a limited first-order post-Newtonian approximation. The code was applied to a special case in which the system consists of one massive object and many low-mass objects. Therefore, the behavior of stars around the massive black hole could be analyzed. A graphics processing unit (GPU) was used to accelerate the code execution, and it could be accelerated by several tens of times compared to a single-core CPU for N ≃104 objects.

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Published online: 2018-09

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