Volume 13, Issue 2
Conservative Residual Distribution Method for Viscous Double Cone Flows in Thermochemical Nonequilibrium

Andrea Lani ,  Marco Panesi and Herman Deconinck


Commun. Comput. Phys., 13 (2013), pp. 479-501.

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Amulti-dimensionally upwindconservativeResidualDistributionalgorithm for simulating viscous axisymmetric hypersonic flows in thermo-chemical nonequilibrium on unstructured grids is presented and validated in the case of the complex flowfield over a double cone configuration. The resulting numerical discretization combines a state-of-the-art nonlinear quasi-monotone second order blended scheme for distributing the convective residual and a standard Galerkin formulation for the diffusive residual. The physical source terms are upwinded together with the convective fluxes. Numerical results show an excellent agreement with experimental measurements and available literature. 

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Published online: 2013-02

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