Volume 4, Issue 3
AWECS: A Linear Gyrokinetic Delta-f Particle-in-cell Simulation Code for the Study of Alfvénic Instabilities in High-beta Tokamak Plasmas

A. Bierwage and L. Chen

Commun. Comput. Phys., 4 (2008), pp. 457-495.

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A1-Dlinear gyrokinetic codecalled AWECS is developedtostudy the kinetic excitation of Alfve´nic instabilities in a high-β tokamak plasma, with β being the ratio of thermal to magnetic pressure. It is designed to describe physics associated with a broad range of frequencies and wavelengths. For example, AWECS is capable of simulating kinetic ballooning modes, Alfve´nic ion-temperature-gradient-driven modes, as well as Alfve´n instabilities due to energetic particles. In addition, AWECS may be used to study drift-Alfve´n instabilities in the low-β regime. Here, the layout of the code and the numerical methods used are described. AWECS is benchmarked against other codes and a convergence study is carried out. 

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Published online: 2008-09

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