Volume 4, Issue 3
Particle-in-cell with Monte Carlo Collisions Gun Code Simulations of a Surface-conversion H Ion Source

E. Chacon-Golcher and K. J. Bowers

Commun. Comput. Phys., 4 (2008), pp. 659-674.

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We present an extendedupdate on the status of a particle-in-cellwith Monte Carlocollisions (PIC-MCC)guncodedevelopedatLosAlamosforthestudyofsurfaceconverter H− ion sources. The programis fully kinetic. Some ofthe program’s features include: solution of arbitrary electrostatic and magnetostatic fields in an axisymmetric (r,z) geometry to describe the self-consistent time evolution of a plasma; simulation of a multi-species (e−, H+, H+ 2 , H+ 3 , H−) plasma discharge from a neutral hydrogen gas and filament-originated seed electrons; full 2-dimensional (r,z) 3-velocity (vr, vz, vφ) dynamics for all species; detailed collision physics between charged particles and neutrals and the ability to represent multiple smooth (not stair-stepped) electrodes of arbitrary shape and voltage whose surfaces may be secondary-particle emitters (H− and e−). The status of this development is discussed in terms of its physics content and current implementation details. 

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Published online: 2008-09

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