@Article{EAJAM-5-85, author = {}, title = {A Posteriori Error Estimates of Semidiscrete Mixed Finite Element Methods for Parabolic Optimal Control Problems}, journal = {East Asian Journal on Applied Mathematics}, year = {2018}, volume = {5}, number = {1}, pages = {85--108}, abstract = {

A posteriori error estimates of semidiscrete mixed finite element methods for quadratic optimal control problems involving linear parabolic equations are developed. The state and co-state are discretised by Raviart-Thomas mixed finite element spaces of order $k$, and the control is approximated by piecewise polynomials of order $k$ ($k≥0$). We derive our a posteriori error estimates for the state and the control approximations via a mixed elliptic reconstruction method. These estimates seem to be unavailable elsewhere in the literature, although they represent an important step towards developing reliable adaptive mixed finite element approximation schemes for the control problem.

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