@Article{CiCP-19-1357, author = {}, title = {An Anisotropic Convection-Diffusion Model Using Tailored Finite Point Method for Image Denoising and Compression}, journal = {Communications in Computational Physics}, year = {2018}, volume = {19}, number = {5}, pages = {1357--1374}, abstract = {

In this paper we consider an anisotropic convection-diffusion (ACD) filter for image denoising and compression simultaneously. The ACD filter is discretized by a tailored finite point method (TFPM), which can tailor some particular properties of the image in an irregular grid structure. A quadtree structure is implemented for the storage in multi-levels for the compression. We compare the performance of the proposed scheme with several well-known filters. The numerical results show that the proposed method is effective for removing a mixture of white Gaussian and salt-and-pepper noises.

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