@Article{JCM-39-358, author = {Chen , YutingCao , MingyuanYang , Yueting and Huang , Qingdao}, title = {An Adaptive Trust-Region Method for Generalized Eigenvalues of Symmetric Tensors}, journal = {Journal of Computational Mathematics}, year = {2021}, volume = {39}, number = {3}, pages = {358--374}, abstract = {

For symmetric tensors, computing generalized eigenvalues is equivalent to a homogenous polynomial optimization over the unit sphere. In this paper, we present an adaptive trust-region method for generalized eigenvalues of symmetric tensors. One of the features is that the trust-region radius is automatically updated by the adaptive technique to improve the algorithm performance. The other one is that a projection scheme is used to ensure the feasibility of all iteratives. Global convergence and local quadratic convergence of our algorithm are established, respectively. The preliminary numerical results show the efficiency of the proposed algorithm.

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