@Article{JNMA-1-179, author = {Zhang , YiChen , ChujunXu , Yinkang and Lu , Yinjie}, title = {$N$-Dark Soliton Solutions for the Multi-Component Maccari System}, journal = {Journal of Nonlinear Modeling and Analysis}, year = {2021}, volume = {1}, number = {2}, pages = {179--192}, abstract = {

By virtue of the KP hierarchy reduction method, the $N$-dark soliton solutions of the multi-component Maccari system are constructed. Taking the coupled Maccari system for instance, the $N$-dark soliton solutions are further obtained in terms of determinants. In addition, in contrast with bright-bright soliton collisions, the dynamical analysis shows that the collisions of dark-dark solitons are elastic and there is no energy exchange among solitons in different components. What's more, we also investigate the dark-dark soliton bound states including stationary and moving ones.

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