Instruction for Reviewer

Please go to "Reviewer Login" to provide review comments online. 

As a reviewer, we highly appreicate if you could make review comments within the given time period to the following listed issues:

A.    Quality Assessment  

Makes major contributions to the advancement of the subject   
Sound, original, and of interest   
Sound, original, but not suitable for the JFBI     
Does not add to knowledge of the subject   
Contains fundamental errors or faulty judgments   

B.    Referee’s Recommendation 

English revision is necessary   
Acceptable in present form   
Minor technical revision is necessary   
Major technical revision is necessary   
Submit to further refereeing: (Suggest name of referee)    

C. Please insert below your appreciation of the scientific interest and novelty of results described, as well the specific comments.

Specific comments from referee to authors 

Please provide critical review comments in following aspects:

a) Title
b) Introduction
c) Methodology
d) Data presentation
e) Result
f) Discussion 
g) English