J. Comp. Math., 8 (1990), pp. 202-211.

Comparative Testing Of Five Numerical Methods For Finding Roots Of Polynomials

Glenn R. Luecke 1, James D. Francis 2

1 Department of Mathematics, Computation Center, Iowa State University, USA
2 Department of Mathematics, University of Washington, USA

Received 1987-10-4 Revised Online 2006-12-10


This paper summarizes the results of comparative testiong if (1) Wilf's global bisection method,(2) the Laguerre method,(3) the companion matrix eigenvalue method,(4) the companion matrix eigenvalue method with balancing, and (5) the Jenkens-Traub method, all of which are methods for finding the zeros of polynomials. The test set of polynomials used are those suggested by [5]. The methods were compared on each test polynomials on the basis of the accuracy of the computed roots and the cput time required to numerically compute all roots.

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