Volume 20, Number 1

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Xiao Nan Wu and You Lan Zhu
A Highly Accurate Numerical Method For Flow Problems With Interactions Of Discontinuities.
J. Comp. Math., 20 (2002), pp. 1-14
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Xiao Liang Cheng and Wei Min Xue
Linear Finite Element Approximations For The Timoshenko Beam And The Shallow Arch Problems.
J. Comp. Math., 20 (2002), pp. 15-22
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Xue Nian Cao, Shou Fu Li and De Gui Liu
Modified Parallel Rosenbrock Methods For Stiff Differential Equations.
J. Comp. Math., 20 (2002), pp. 23-34
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Lan Chieh Huang
On Discrete Projection And Numerical Boundary Conditions For The Numerical Solution Of The Unsteady Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations.
J. Comp. Math., 20 (2002), pp. 35-56. Abstract

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Huo Yuan Duan
A New Stabilized Finite Element Method For Solving The Advection-Diffusion Equations.
J. Comp. Math., 20 (2002), pp. 57-64. Abstract

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Ben Yu Guo, Song Nian He and He Ping Ma
Chebyshev Spectral-Finite Element Method For Two-Dimensional Unsteady Navier-Stokes Equation.
J. Comp. Math., 20 (2002), pp. 65-78. Abstract

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Ping Luo and Guo Ping Liang
Error Analysis And Global Superconvergences For The Signorini Problem With Lagrange Multiplier Methods.
J. Comp. Math., 20 (2002), pp. 79-88. Abstract

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Yi Fa Tang
A Note On The Construction Of Symplectic Schemes For Splitable Hamiltonian H = H(1) + H(2) + H(3) .
J. Comp. Math., 20 (2002), pp. 89-96. Abstract

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Zhong Zhi Bai and Yu Guang Huang
Relaxed Asynchronous Iterations For The Linear Complementarity Problem.
J. Comp. Math., 20 (2002), pp. 97-112. Abstract

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