Volume 24, Number 1

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Jun Hu and Zhong-Ci Shi
The Generalized Maximum Angle Condition for the Q1 Soparametric Element.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 1-8
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Jin Huang and Tao Lu
Splitting Extrapolations For Solving Boundary Integral Equations Of Linear Elasticity Dirichlet Problems On Polygons By Mechanical Quadrature Methods.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 9-18
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Zhi-min Zhang and Ahmed Naga
Natural Superconvergent Points Of Equilateral Triangular Finite Elements — A Numerical Example.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 19-24
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Ming-ming Li, You-lin Shang and Lian-sheng Zhang
A New Filled Function Method For Integer Programming.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 25-32. Abstract

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Bing-sheng He, Li-zhi Liao and Xiao-ming Yuan
A LQP Based Interior Prediction-Correction Method For Nonlinear Complementarity Problems.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 33-44. Abstract

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Quan-dong Feng and Yi-fa Tang
Expansions Of Step-Transition Operators Of Multi-Step Methods And Order Barriers For Dahlquist Pairs.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 45-58. Abstract

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Hong-ying Man and Zhong-ci Shi
P1-Nonconforming Quadrilateral Finite Volume Element Method And Its Cascadic Multigrid Algorithm.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 59-80. Abstract

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Wen-sheng Chen, Chen Xu and Wei Lin
Spectral Approximation Orders Of Multidimensional Nonstationary Biorthogonal Semi-Multiresolution Analysis In Sobolev Space.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 81-90. Abstract

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A Araujo, JA Ferreira and P Oliveira
The Effect Of Memory Terms In Diffusion Phenomena.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 91-102. Abstract

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Ling Guo, Jian-guo Huang and Zhong-ci Shi
Remarks On Error Estimates For The Trunc Plate Element.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 103-112. Abstract

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