Volume 24, Number 3

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Congratulations To Academician Lin Qun On His 70th Birthday.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 225-226
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Yinnian He, Jinchao Xu and Aihui Zhou
Local And Parallel Finite Element Algorithms For The Navier-Stokes Problem.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 227-238
. Abstract

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Zhengfu Xu and Chi-Wang Shu
Anti-Diffusive Finite Difference WENO Methods For Shallow Water With Transport Of Pollutant.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 239-251
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Zhong-hua Qiao, Zhi-lin Li and Tao Tang
A Finite Difference Scheme For Solving The Nonlinear Poisson-Boltzmann Equation Modeling Charged Spheres.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 252-264. Abstract

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Qiang Du and Liyong Zhu
Analysis Of A Mixed Finite Element Method For A Phase Field Bending Elasticity Model Of Vesicle Membrane Deformation.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 265-280. Abstract

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Zhang-xin Chen and Xi-jun Yu
Implementation Of Mixed Methods As Finite Difference Methods And Applications To Nonisothermal Multiphase Flow In Porous Media.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 281-294. Abstract

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Hou-de Han, Xiao-nan Wu and Zhen-li Xu
Artificial Boundary Method For Burgers' Equation Using Nonlinear Boundary Conditions.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 295-304. Abstract

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Jiachang Sun
Multivariate Fourier Transform Methods Over Simplex And Super-Simplex Domains.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 305-322. Abstract

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Ju-e Yang and De-hao Yu
Domain Decomposition With Nonmatching Grids For Exterior Transmission Problems via FEM And DTN Mapping.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 323-342. Abstract

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Hui-po Liu and Ning-ning Yan
Superconvergence And A Posteriori Error Estimates For Boundary Control Governed By Stokes Equations.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 343-356. Abstract

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Ya-xiang Yuan and Zhen-zhen Zheng
Disturbed Sparse Linear Equations Over The 0-1 Finite Field.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 357-364. Abstract

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Yun-qing Huang, Wei Li and Fang Su
Optimal Error Estimates Of The Partition Of Unity Method With Local Polynomial Approximation Spaces.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 365-372. Abstract

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Fang Liu and Aihui Zhou
Two-Scale Finite Element Discretizations For Partial Differential Equations.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 373-392. Abstract

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Zhiming Chen
Recent Advances Of Upscaling Methods For The Simulation Of Flow Transport Through Heterogeneous Porous Media.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 393-400. Abstract

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Hai-yan Jiang and Ping-wen Zhang
Model Analysis And Parameter Extraction For Mos Capacitor Including Quantum Mechanical Effects.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 401-411. Abstract

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Guang-wei Yuan and Xu-deng Hang
Acceleration Methods Of Nonlinear Iteration For Nonlinear Parabolic Equations.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 412-424. Abstract

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Ji-ming Yang and Yan-ping Chen
A Unified A Posteriori Error Analysis For Discontinuous Galerkin Approximations Of Reactive Transport Equations.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 425-434. Abstract

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Xue-cheng Tai and Chang-hui Yao
Image Segmentation By Piecewise Constant Mumford-Shah Model Without Estimating The Constants.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 435-443. Abstract

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Shuang-hu Wang
Calculation Of Nambu Mechanics.
J. Comp. Math., 24 (2006), pp. 444-450. Abstract

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