Volume 25, Number 1

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J. Comp. Math., No. 1, 25 (2007).

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J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), p. 1

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Habib Ammari, Hyeonbae Kang and Hyundae Lee
A Boundary Integral Method for Computing Elastic Moment Tensors for Ellipses and Ellipsoids.
J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 2-12
. Abstract

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Sheng Zhang and Dehao Yu
Multigrid Algorithm for the Coupling System of Natural Boundary Element Method and Finite Element Method for Unbounded Domain Problems.
J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 13-26. Abstract

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Dongyang Shi, Zhong-Ci Shi and Jingzhu Wu
A Note on the Quadrilateral Mesh Condition RDP(N,psi).
J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 27-30. Abstract

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Jian Wang
Multisymplectic Fourier Pseudospectral Method for the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations with Wave Operatorn.
J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 31-48. Abstract

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Naïma Aïssa
Asymptotic Behavior of the TE and TM Approximations to Second Harmonic Generation.
J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 49-66. Abstract

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Dongying Hua and Lieheng Wang
The Nonconforming Finite Element Method for Signorini Problem.
J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 67-80. Abstract

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Siqing Gan
Exact and Discretized Dissipativity of the Pantograph Equation.
J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 81-88. Abstract

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Weijun Zhou and Donghui Li
Limited Memory BFGS Method for Nonlinear Monotone Equations.
J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 89-96. Abstract

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Renhong Wang and Jinming Wu
Approximate Implicitization Based on RBF Networks and MQ Quasi-Interpolation.
J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 97-103. Abstract

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Qun-yan Zhou and Wen-yu Sun
A Nonmonotone Second-Order Steplength Method for Unconstrained Minimization.
J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 104-112. Abstract

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