Volume 26, Number 4

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J. Comp. Math., No. 4, 26 (2008).

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Danping Yang,Yanzhen Chang and Wenbin Liu
A Priori Error Estimate and Superconvergence Analysis for an Optimal Control Problem of Bilinear Type.
J. Comp. Math., 26 (2008), pp. 471-487. Abstract

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Alexandre Ern and Annette F. Stephansen
A Posteriori Energy-Norm Error Estimates for Advection-Diffusion Equations Approximated by Weighted Interior Penalty Methods.
J. Comp. Math., 26 (2008), pp. 488-510. Abstract

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Benyu Guo and Keji Zhang
On Non-isotropic Jacobi Pseudospectral Method.
J. Comp. Math., 26 (2008), pp. 511-535. Abstract

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J.A. Ferreira and P.M. da Silva
Energy Estimates for Delay Diffusion-Reaction Equations.
J. Comp. Math., 26 (2008), pp. 536-553. Abstract

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Shuo Zhang and Ming Wang
A Posteriori Estimator of Nonconforming Finite Element Method for Fourth Order Elliptic Perturbation Problems.
J. Comp. Math., 26 (2008), pp. 554-577. Abstract

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Chunxia Jia and Detong Zhu
An Affine Scaling Interior Algorithm via Conjugate Gradient Path for Solving Bound-Constrained Nonlinear Systems.
J. Comp. Math., 26 (2008), pp. 578-597. Abstract

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Qiumei Huang and Yidu Yang
A Note on Richardson Extrapolation of Galerkin Methods for Eigenvalue Problems of Fredholm Integral Equations.
J. Comp. Math., 26 (2008), pp. 598-612. Abstract

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Wei Wu, Naimin Zhang, Zhengxue Li, Long Li and Yan Liu
Convergence of Gradient Method with Momentum for Back-Propagation Neural Networks.
J. Comp. Math., 26 (2008), pp. 613-623. Abstract

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Ali Yang and Liantang Wang
A Method for Solving the Inverse Scattering Problem for Shape and Impedance.
J. Comp. Math., 26 (2008), pp. 624-632. Abstract

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