Volume 34, Number 1

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J. Comp. Math., No. 1, 34 (2016).

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Feiyan Xiao and Peng Wang
Strong Predictor-Corrector Methods for Stochastic Pantograph Equations
J. Comp. Math., 34 (2016), pp. 1-11. Abstract


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Mahdieh Sattari and Jukka Tuomela
On The Numerical Solution of Elliptic and Parabolic PDE in the Real Projective Plane
J. Comp. Math., 34 (2016), pp. 12-29. Abstract


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Jian Cheng, Kun Wang and Tiegang Liu
A General High-Order Multi-Domain Hybrid DG/WENO-FD Method for Hyperbolic
Conservation Laws

J. Comp. Math., 34 (2016), pp. 30-48. Abstract


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Xiaofei Zhao
An Exponential Wave Integrator Pseudospectral Method for the Symmetric
Regularized-Long-Wave Equation

J. Comp. Math., 34 (2016), pp. 49-69. Abstract


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Anping Liao, Jiaxin Xie and Xiaobo Yang
The Exact Recovery of Sparse Signals Via Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
J. Comp. Math., 34 (2016), pp. 70-86. Abstract


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Weihua Tong and Xuecheng Tai
A Variational Approach for Detecting Feature Lines on Meshes
J. Comp. Math., 34 (2016), pp. 87-112. Abstract


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