Volume 35, Number 2

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J. Comp. Math., No. 2, 35 (2017).

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Rongsan Chen and Dekang Mao
Improved Entropy-Ultra-Bee Scheme for the Euler System of Gas Dynamics
J. Comp. Math., 35 (2017), pp. 121-151. Abstract


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Serge Nicaise and Christos Xenophontos
An hp-FEM for Singularly Perturbed Transmission Problems
J. Comp. Math., 35 (2017), pp. 152-168. Abstract


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Lingsheng Meng and Bing Zheng
Structured Condition Numbers for the Tikhonov Regularization of Discrete Ill-Posed Problems
J. Comp. Math., 35 (2017), pp. 169-186. Abstract


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Andrew Gillette, Michael Holst and Yunrong Zhu
Finite Element Exterior Calculus for Evolution Problems
J. Comp. Math., 35 (2017), pp. 187-212. Abstract


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Weidong Zhao, Wei Zhang and Guannan Zhang
Second-Order Numerical Schemes for Decoupled Forward-Backward Stochastic Differential Equations with Jumps
J. Comp. Math., 35 (2017), pp. 213-244. Abstract


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