Volume 35, Number 3

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J. Comp. Math., No. 3, 35 (2017).

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Guixia Lv, Shunkai Sun and Longjun Shen
Discrete Maximum Principle and Convergence of Poisson Problem for the Finite
Point Method

J. Comp. Math., 35 (2017), pp. 245-264. Abstract


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Yao Cheng and Qiang Zhang
Local Analysis of the Fully Discrete Local Discontinuous Galerkin Method
for the Time-Dependent Singularly Perturbed Problem

J. Comp. Math., 35 (2017), pp. 265-288. Abstract


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Jialing Wang and Yushun Wang
Local Structure-Preserving Algorithms for the KdV Equation
J. Comp. Math., 35 (2017), pp. 289-318. Abstract


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Huiyong Jia, Peilin Shi, Kaitai Li and Hongen Jia
A Decoupling Method with Different Subdomain Time Steps for the Non-Stationary
Navier-Stokes ⁄ Darcy Model

J. Comp. Math., 35 (2017), pp. 319-345. Abstract


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Xiaocui Li and Xiaoyuan Yang
Error Estimates of Finite Element Methods for Stochastic Fractional Differential Equations
J. Comp. Math., 35 (2017), pp. 346-362. Abstract


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Davide Forti, A. Quarteroni and Simone Deparis
A Parallel Algorithm for the Solution of Large-Scale Nonconforming Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems in Hemodynamics
J. Comp. Math., 35 (2017), pp. 363-380. Abstract


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