Yunqing Huang

Faculty of Mathematics and Computational Science &
Hunan Key Laboratory for Computation and Simulation in Science and Engineering,
Xiangtan University,
Hunan Province 411105, China

Tel: (732) 8292187

Research Interests:
Computational Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Methods, Superconvergence.

Selected publications:

  1. Y Huang, J Xu, Superconvergence of quadratic finite elements on mildly structured grids, Mathematics of Computation (2008).
  2. J Jiang, Y Huang, S Shu, S Zeng, Some new discretization and adaptation and multigrid methods for 2-D 3-T diffusion equations, Journal of Computational Physics (2007).
  3. A symmetric finite volume element scheme on quadrilateral grids and superconvergence, Int. J. of Numerical Analysis and Modeling (2006).
  4. Y Huang, Z Shi, T Tang, W Xue, A multilevel successive iteration method for nonlinear elliptic problems, Mathematics of Computation (2004).
  5. Y Huang, J Xu, A conforming finite element method for overlapping and nonmatching grids, Mathematics of Computation (2003).
  6. Z Tan, Z Zhang, Y Huang, T Tang, Moving mesh methods with locally varying time steps, Journal of Computational Physics, 200 (2004), 347-367.
  7. Y Huang, W Xue, Convergence of Finite Element Approximations and Multilevel Linearization for Ginzburg-Landau Model, Advances in Computational Mathematics (2002).
  8. M Mu, Y Huang, An Alternating Crank-Nicolson Method for Decoupling the Ginzburg-Landau Equations, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis (1998).
  9. C Chen, Y Huang, High Accuracy Theory of Finite Element Methods, Hunan Science and Technology Press, Changsha, (1995)