@Article{AAMM-9-349, author = {Ashraf , MuhammadIqbal , IramMasud , M. and Sultana , Nazara}, title = {Numerical Prediction of Natural Convection Flow in the Presence of Weak Magnetic Prandtl Number and Strong Magnetic Field with Algebraic Decay in Mainstream Velocity}, journal = {Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics}, year = {2018}, volume = {9}, number = {2}, pages = {349--361}, abstract = {

In present work, we investigate numerical simulation of steady natural convection flow in the presence of weak magnetic Prandtl number and strong magnetic field by involving algebraic decay in mainstream velocity. Before passing to the numerical simulation, we formulate the set of boundary layer equations with the inclusion of the effects of algebraic decay velocity, aligned magnetic field and buoyant body force in the momentum equation. Later, finite difference method with primitive variable formulation is employed in the physical domain to compute the numerical solutions of the flow field. Graphical results for the velocity, temperature and transverse component of magnetic field as well as surface friction, rate of heat transfer and current density are presented and discussed. It is pertinent to mention that the simulation is performed for different values of algebraic decay parameter $α$, Prandtl number $P_r$, magnetic Prandtl number $P_m$ and magnetic force parameter $S$.

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