@Article{ATA-34-209, author = {}, title = {Weighted Boundedness of Commutators of Generalized Calderόn-Zygmund Operators}, journal = {Analysis in Theory and Applications}, year = {2018}, volume = {34}, number = {3}, pages = {209--224}, abstract = {

$[b,T]$ denotes the commutator of generalized Calderón-Zygmund operators $T$ with Lipschitz function $b$, where $b ∈ \rm{Lip}_β(R^n)$, $(0<β≤1)$ and $T$ is a $θ(t)$−type Calderón-Zygmund operator. The commutator $[b,T]$ generated by $b$ and $T$ is defined by 

$$[b,T] f(x)=b(x)Tf(x)−T(bf)(x)=∫k(x,y)(b(x)−b(y))f(y)dy.$$

In this paper, the authors discuss the boundedness of the commutator $[b,T]$ on weighted Hardy spaces and weighted Herz type Hardy spaces and prove that $[b,T]$ is bounded from $H^p(ω^p)$ to $L^q(ω^q)$, and from $H\dot{K}^{α,p}_{q_1}(ω_1,ω^{q_1}_2)$ to $\dot{K}^{α,p}_{q_2}(ω_1,ω^{q_2}_2)$. The results extend and generalize the well-known ones in [7].

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