@Article{EAJAM-9-312, author = {}, title = {Maxwell Exterior Transmission Eigenvalue Problems and Their Applications to Electromagnetic Cloaking}, journal = {East Asian Journal on Applied Mathematics}, year = {2019}, volume = {9}, number = {2}, pages = {312--329}, abstract = {

Maxwell exterior transmission eigenvalue problems arising in scattering problem for a penetrable cavity are considered. Properties of such eigenvalues for a weak formulation of the transmission problem in unbounded domains are studied and the Calderon operator for Maxwell's system is described. In particular, the absence of pure imaginary eigenvalues and the discreteness of the set of exterior transmission eigenvalues are established. Applications to exterior invisibility cloaking are also considered. Using the Maxwell-Herglotz approximation, we can generate nearly non-scattering waves corresponding to the exterior eigenvalues of an electromagnetic medium.

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