@Article{JNMA-3-335, author = {Latunde , TolulopeRichard , Joseph OluwaseunEsan , Opeyemi Odunayo and Dare , Damilola Deborah}, title = {Optimal Value and Post Optimal Solution in a Transportation Problem}, journal = {Journal of Nonlinear Modeling and Analysis}, year = {2022}, volume = {3}, number = {3}, pages = {335--348}, abstract = {

In this work, we analyse the transportation problem of a real-life situation by obtaining the optimal feasible solutions, thus carrying out the sensitivity analysis of the problem. The work utilises the data obtained from the Asejire and Ikeja plants of Coca-Cola company, aiming to aid decision-making regarding the best possible options to satisfy customers at the barest minimum cost of transportation. Rerunning the optimization of a problem is an expensive scheme for gathering and obtaining enough data required for a problem. Thus, to minimize the transportation cost, the sensitivity analysis of parameters is a good tool to determine the behaviour of some input parameters where the values of these parameters are varied arbitrarily such that optimal results are verified. Maple 18 Software is used to solve the problem and the result obtained is compared with the values evaluated from northwest corner method, least cost method and Vogel’s approximation method. The study critically shows how a little change in a unit or more of any model parameter affects the expected results.

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