@Article{CiCP-14-355, author = {}, title = {Scaling Regimes and the Singularity of Specific Heat in the 3D Ising Model}, journal = {Communications in Computational Physics}, year = {2014}, volume = {14}, number = {2}, pages = {355--369}, abstract = {

The singularity of specific heat CV of the three-dimensional Ising model is studied based on Monte Carlo data for lattice sizes L≤1536. Fits of two data sets, one corresponding to certain value of the Binder cumulant and the other — to the maximum of CV, provide consistent values of C0 in the ansatz CV (L) =C0+ALα/ν at large L, if α/ν = 0.196(6). However, a direct estimation from our $C^{max}_V$ data suggests that α/ν, most probably, has a smaller value (e.g., α/ν=0.113(30)). Thus, the conventional power-law scaling ansatz can be questioned because of this inconsistency. We have found that the data are well described by certain logarithmic ansatz.

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