@Article{IJNAM-2-197, author = {Schurz , Henri}, title = {Convergence and Stability of Balanced Implicit Methods for Systems of SDEs}, journal = {International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modeling}, year = {2005}, volume = {2}, number = {2}, pages = {197--220}, abstract = {

Several convergence and stability issues of the balanced implicit methods (BIMs) for systems of real-valued ordinary stochastic differential equations are thoroughly discussed. These methods are linear-implicit ones, hence easily implementable and computationally more efficient than commonly known nonlinear-implicit methods. In particular, we relax the so far known convergence condition on its weight matrices $c^j$. The presented convergence proofs extend to the case of nonrandom variable step sizes and show a dependence on certain Lyapunov-functionals $V$ : $\rm{IR}^d \rightarrow \rm{IR}_+^1$. The proof of $L^2$-convergence with global rate 0.5 is based on the stochastic Kantorovich-Lax-Richtmeyer principle proved by the author (2002). Eventually, $p$-th mean stability and almost sure stability results for martingale-type test equations document some advantage of BlMs. The problem of weak convergence with respect to the test class $C_{b(\kappa)}^2 (\rm{IR}^d, \rm{IR}^1)$ and with global rate 1.0 is tackled too.

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