Volume 6, Issue 3
Large Eddy Simulation of a Vortex Ring Impacting a Bump

Heng Ren ,  Ning Zhao and Xi-Yun Lu


Adv. Appl. Math. Mech., 6 (2014), pp. 261-280.

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  • Abstract

A vortex ring impacting a three-dimensional bump is studied using large eddy simulation for a Reynolds number Re=4x10^4 based on the initial diameter and translational speed of the vortex ring. The effects of bump height and vortex core thickness for thin and thick vortex rings on the vortical flow phenomena and the underlying physical mechanisms are investigated. Based on the analysis of the evolution of vortical structures, two typical kinds of vortical structures, i.e., the wrapping vortices and the hair-pin vortices, are identified and play an important role in the flow state evolution. The boundary vorticity flux is analyzed to reveal the mechanism of the vorticity generation on the bump surface. The circulation of the primary vortex ring reasonably elucidates some typical phases of flow evolution. Further, the analysis of turbulent kinetic energy reveals the transition from laminar to turbulent state. The results obtained in this study provide physical insight into the understanding of the mechanisms relevant to the flow evolution and the flow transition to turbulent state.

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Published online: 2014-06

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76F65, 76D17, 76F06

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