Volume 6, Issue 4
A Four-Equation Eddy-Viscosity Approach for Modeling Bypass Transition

Guoliang Xu and Song Fu


Adv. Appl. Math. Mech., 6 (2014), pp. 523-538.

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  • Abstract

It is very important to predict the bypass transition in the simulation of flows through turbomachinery. This paper presents a four-equation eddy-viscosity turbulence transition model for prediction of bypass transition. It is based on the SST turbulence model and the laminar kinetic energy concept. A transport equation for the non-turbulent viscosity is proposed to predict the development of the laminar kinetic energy in the pre-transitional boundary layer flow which has been observed in experiments. The turbulence breakdown process is then captured with an intermittency transport equation in the transitional region. The performance of this new transition model is validated through the experimental cases of T3AM, T3A and T3B. Results in this paper show that the new transition model can reach good agreement in predicting bypass transition, and is compatible with modern CFD software by using local variables.

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Published online: 2014-06

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76F06, 76F55

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