Volume 1, Issue 3
Grown-in Defects of InSb Crystals: Models and Computation

N. Vaidya ,  H. Huang and D. Liang

Commun. Comput. Phys., 1 (2006), pp. 511-527.

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In this paper, we present a model for grown-in point defects inside indium antimonide crystals grown by the Czochralski (CZ) technique. Our model is similar to the ones used for silicon crystal, which includes the Fickian diffusion and a recombination mechanism. This type of models is used for the first time to analyze grown-in point defects in indium antimonide crystals. The temperature solution and the advance of the melt-crystal interface, which determines the time-dependent domain of the model, are based on a recently derived perturbation model. We propose a finite difference method which takes into account the moving interface. We study the effect of thermal flux on the point defect patterns during and at the end of the growth process. Our results show that the concentration of excessive point defects is positively correlated to the heat flux in the system. 

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Published online: 2006-01

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