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Regularity Theory and Numerical Algorithm for the Time-Fractional Klein-Kramers Equation
Jing Sun, Daxin Nie and Weihua Deng

J. Comp. Math. DOI: 10.4208/jcm.2206-m2022-0054

Publication Date : 2024-01-15

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Fractional Klein-Kramers equation can well describe subdiffusion in phase space. In this paper, we develop the fully discrete scheme for time-fractional Klein-Kramers equation based on the backward Euler convolution quadrature and local discontinuous Galerkin methods. Thanks to the obtained sharp regularity estimates in temporal and spatial directions after overcoming the hypocoercivity of the operator, the complete error analyses of the fully discrete scheme are built. It is worth mentioning that the convergence of the provided scheme is independent of the temporal regularity of the exact solution. Finally, numerical results are proposed to verify the correctness of the theoretical results.

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