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Proximal ADMM Approach for Image Restoration with Mixed Poisson-Gaussian Noise
Miao Chen, Yuchao Tang, Jie Zhang and Tieyong Zeng

J. Comp. Math. DOI: 10.4208/jcm.2212-m2022-0122

Publication Date : 2024-03-11

  • Abstract

Image restoration based on total variation has been widely studied owing to its edge-preservation properties. In this study, we consider the total variation infimal convolution (TV-IC) image restoration model for eliminating mixed Poisson-Gaussian noise. Based on the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM), we propose a complete splitting proximal bilinear constraint ADMM algorithm to solve the TV-IC model. We prove the convergence of the proposed algorithm under mild conditions. In contrast with other algorithms used for solving the TV-IC model, the proposed algorithm does not involve any inner iterations, and each subproblem has a closed-form solution. Finally, numerical experimental results demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

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