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Central Limit Theorem for Temporal Average of Backward Euler-Maruyama Method
Diancong Jin

J. Comp. Math. DOI: 10.4208/jcm.2311-m2023-0147

Publication Date : 2024-03-28

  • Abstract

This work focuses on the temporal average of the backward Euler-Maruyama (BEM) method, which is used to approximate the ergodic limit of stochastic ordinary differential equations (SODEs). We give the central limit theorem (CLT) of the temporal average of the BEM method, which characterizes its asymptotics in distribution. When the deviation order is smaller than the optimal strong order, we directly derive the CLT of the temporal average through that of original equations and the uniform strong order of the BEM method. For the case that the deviation order equals to the optimal strong order, the CLT is established via the Poisson equation associated with the generator of original equations. Numerical experiments are performed to illustrate the theoretical results. The main contribution of this work is to generalize the existing CLT of the temporal average of numerical methods to that for SODEs with super-linearly growing drift coefficients.

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