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Simultaneously Imaging an Inhomogeneous Conductive Medium and Various Impenetrable Obstacles
Fenglong Qu, Yuhao Wang, Zhen Gao and Yanli Cui

J. Comp. Math. DOI: 10.4208/jcm.2401-m2023-0163

Publication Date : 2024-04-17

  • Abstract

Consider the inverse scattering of time-harmonic acoustic waves by a mixed-type scatterer consisting of an inhomogeneous penetrable medium with a conductive transmission condition and various impenetrable obstacles with different kinds of boundary conditions. Based on the establishment of the well-posedness result of the direct problem, we intend to develop a modified factorization method to simultaneously reconstruct both the support of the inhomogeneous conductive medium and the shape and location of various impenetrable obstacles by means of the far-field data for all incident plane waves at a fixed wave number. Numerical examples are carried out to illustrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed inversion algorithms.

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