Volume 36, Number 3
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J. Comp. Math., No. 3, 36 (2018), pp. i-ii

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Caixia Kou, Zhongwen Chen, Yu-Hong Dai and Haifei Han


J. Comp. Math., 36 (2018), pp. 331-350.

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Fan Jiang, Deren Han and Xiaofei Zhang


J. Comp. Math., 36 (2018), pp. 351-373.

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Hong Wang, Xin Liu, Xiaojun Chen and Ya-xiang Yuan


J. Comp. Math., 36 (2018), pp. 374-390.

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Taoran Fu, Dongdong Ge and Yinyu Ye


J. Comp. Math., 36 (2018), pp. 391-403.

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Mojmír Mutný and Peter Richtárik


J. Comp. Math., 36 (2018), pp. 404-425.

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Lei Yang, Junhui Wang and Shiqian Ma


J. Comp. Math., 36 (2018), pp. 426-440.

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Ying Cui and Defeng Sun


J. Comp. Math., 36 (2018), pp. 441-458.

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Daniel Rehfeldt and Thorsten Koch


J. Comp. Math., 36 (2018), pp. 459-468.

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